Saturday, August 23, 2014

Wales Marathon, Tenby, UK

Wales Marathon, Tenby, 2014

Tide out


Military wives at the race start :-) 

    The Wales Marathon is part of Tenby’s Long Course Weekend. It is a series of races that mirror the Ironman, but the swim is on Friday, Cycle on Saturday, and run on Sunday. Needless to say the whole town was packed with amazing athletes.
Doing the Asian salute with Katrina who had just arrived from Okinawa, Japan
    The Marathon course was lovely. It was a tough one with lots of hills, but with about 600 runners and gorgeous scenery, even the low hung skies could not dampen our spirits. We were fortunate in that it never really rained on us and the clouds never really cleared so it stayed in a comfortable zone.
                The support was great from the crowds, spectators and the race organizers. Gels were in abundance, as was water and porta potties. Everything was well marked and the red carpet finish at the end was really cool.
                I did reasonably well considering the hills, and two days of driving and sightseeing beforehand. I was tired, but in no hurry and enjoyed chatting with the people I met on the course.

He has my smile :-) 
                I know my race reports have gotten shorter, but it is less frequent that a race really stands out or has a story. It was great to see a new area and we had fun being tourists. The food was wonderful, as were the people. Other than that, it was a peaceful, lovely race J  

Endless coasts

and Castles!

Red carpet finish
Sight seeing on the "sort of" way to Wales, and representing my Charity

Stunning moon on the evening after the swim.

A very rural drive home through Eastern Wales (Cows crossing holding up traffic).