Sunday, May 2, 2010

Never give up!

          I had a fun run today. It was a fund raiser for the High School track team so lots and lots of teenagers. Warming up on the track, I had the usual funny looks and questions, “Are you racing barefoot??” YUP! Early in the race I got stuck behind about 6 teenage girls running shoulder to shoulder and asked to get through. They happily made room for me, apologizing and being very friendly. As I passed them I hear. "Hey! Look at that!" "Whoa, she isn't wearing shoes!" "She's barefoot!" "AND SHE'S PASSING US!!" Heard lots more whispers punctuated with the word barefoot, always funny. I was hoping for 8 minute mile max, but I’m not fully recovered from the 50 miler 2 weeks ago so I flamed out half way through the race. Once I had walked, my heart wasn’t in it and I slowed down more than I needed too, I would regret that.

        The course was through a housing area so the asphalt was great, but the path consisted of about 4 out and backs going up side streets, around a chair and back down. Coming up on the finishing chute I could hear someone on my heels and picked up the pace not to be passed. He picked it up too and we duked it out, but I stayed ahead of him and hit the chute first. I was moving so fast I couldn't slow down before crashing into the person in front of me, LOL. We laughed and thanked each other for the final kick. I didn't think I would win anything since the age groups were 10 year spans and I lost so much time in the second half, but I managed a 3rd place medal and got to walk to the front in my bare feet :-)

        I did have some questions and talked to a lady in a boot because she bought Newtons and gave herself a stress fracture over doing it and not transitioning properly (the folks that make those need to include an instruction book!). Someone asked to look at the bottoms of my feet, but unfortunately I have some mild calluses from running in shoes over the winter that are sloughing off so my feet don't look as pristine as they usually do.

        It felt great to run my first 5K in months, even though I wasn't really ready for it. I just looked at the results. The down side is the difference between my time and first place for my age group was 18 seconds, and second place for Women’s Masters was 26 seconds. I could have come in easily 30 seconds sooner if I hadn’t let my pace get to me and given up. Should have, would have, could have, isn’t what does it though and I simply didn’t bring it to the race mentally, my bad.

On the up side:

A) If the age groups had been 5 year groupings like they usually are, I would have had first place.

B) My third place was out of 25 runners in my age group!

C) The guy I sprinted frantically to stay ahead of and beat to the finishing chute was 24 years old, LOL. Hmmm, I wonder how he felt when he saw it was a 41 year old that whooped him, LOL

       So I don’t feel so bad about the time after all. I'll run a 4 miler next month and put my money where my mouth is!


Janice said...

Congratulations! Very impressive:)

mr loser said...

Congrats! Good to read you whooped a youngster too.

marry said...

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robison52 said...

Good job on racing a 5k after running a 50 miler just two weeks ago!! Are you addicted to racing or what?!?

Yup, I don't like 10 year spreads on age groups either, especially when I'm 58 years old and have to compete in a 50-59 age group...of course, once I'm 60 years old it won't be so bad to be in the 60-60 age group. :)

Sherri said...

good job. we have some 10 year spread races here and it kills me since I'm 48 now. I am still amazed that you run barefoot so I imagine you will always get the whispers about that.

Clare said...

yay! i miss racing!!

C. Beth said...

What an inspiring blog, Wendy! I just happened across it tonight and have been reading about this race, your 50 miles, your cool.

I just started running 6 1/2 months ago. I did my first 10K a month ago. I have fallen in love with running. I'm considering a half, but haven't decided for sure yet.

You are inspiring. Thank you for sharing. :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you can make Ken Bob's workshop on June 2?

Barefoot Scott

labriek said...

I just started reading your blog and I am wondering why barefoot? Not being judgmental, seriously inquiring. On another note, you are very inspiring!

Barefoot Tyler said...

I love the "Look a barefoot runner", etc comments. People are so silly. :P

BTW this is barefoottyler from BRS.