Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Loch Ness Marathon

Loch Ness Marathon 2014

  I was really excited about the opportunity to run the Loch Ness Marathon. I had heard so many wonderful things about the race and it was a great excuse to venture farther north into Scotland.
  The race and the city of Inverness was everything that was promised!
  To begin the race, all the 2,500 or so runners were loaded on buses of every sort and shipped up around Loch Ness to the race start. It took nearly an hour, but the mood was wonderful and it is always fun to be on a bus full of runners!
  When we arrived at the start area, there were lots of porta-potties and, of course, free hot tea with all the appropriate fixings.

   The runners spread out to enjoy the views and prepare for the race. It was a perfect, misty morning on the moors. 

I was quickly hailed by a group of Maniacs, two from the US, and another from Canada. Later we found a 5th from Edinburgh that was running her first race as a Maniac.

Waiting for the start gun

En Route entertainment was great!

This silly horse was trotting up and down the fence matching the pace of the runners. He would hit the end of his pasture, race back to the other end, and do it again.

Maniacs are always fun :-) 

The weather brightened as we wound our way through the country side.

Loch Ness


The dark, mysterious, loch looked just like I expected!

Yes, the course is a "Wee Bit Hilly", but it is far more downhill than up so still a reasonably fast course and there were always lots of people to chat with during the uphill marches

"Humpty Dumpty had Wall Issues" The signs were very creative!

Had to stop for a spectator photo with the "Invisible Boy" LOL

It was great having my daughter at the finish line with the camera ready
Just a few more yards.......

Such a spectacularly beautiful town alone the River Ness

Tah-Dah! All done

A bit of local color

Wee Nessy looks a bit like a dinosaur, hmmmmmm

  It really was a great race and wonderfully managed. Even the safety pins for our bibs were great quality, (a first!) The expo was nice and the town really turned out for the runners. 

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