Friday, February 10, 2012

Quick Update

Just a quick update to say the 11 miles (well, actually 10.8) went well. I took it very slow, but at least got it done and didn't feel too horrible afterwards despite the full fledged head cold. The best part about running with a head cold is running works like an anti-histamine so you can actually breathe when you run!
  I should also add a caveat about CrossFit, I only do the workouts twice a week. I can't do CrossFit on the same days as a long or pace run and I definitely need rest days! Twice a weeks seems to give me enough time to get over being sore, but still build strength.

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abcsofra said...

You never cease to amaze is all I can say. For me, take off everything and I would be lucky to reach 1 mile. And that would be walking.