Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back on Track for Marathon #4

       I had real delusions that I would keep up with marathon training while my daughter, that I hadn’t seen in 18 months and who had never been to Korea, was visiting. It might have happened had I not been hit with another wicked case of bronchitis the day after she arrived. That coupled with multiple long days on my feet touring tourist attractions and theme parks, left me facing week 4 of training with a massive mileage deficit.

       Better the first few weeks than the peak or last! So, I’m ready to be back on track and am doing my best to ignore the new head cold that hit today (geeze, really?!?) I made it to CrossFit, which included 1.5 miles of laps spread through the work out, so I only need 1.5 more after the work out to get my easy 3 finished. Despite the many rounds of push-ups, wall balls (where you squat and then jump up and toss a medicine ball at a 9 ft. up the wall), the running laps were my chance to catch my breath and relax before the next round (it took almost 30 minutes for 5 rounds). Of course, when my coach found out I was taking the running laps easy, he said I wasn’t pushing hard enough. Ummm, I wanted to barf through the first of each set of 3 laps, I guess it isn’t hard enough until you actually barf your morning cuppa.

       Anyway, after 3 months of CrossFit I now feel I can say it is great and good for my RA riddled body. I have looked for years for something that would do as much for my upper body as running has done for my lower and have finally found it. Lifting weights on my own just aggravated my joints, but the faster pace coupled with constantly changing up what you are doing seems to be working. I admit, I am nowhere near lifting the kind of weights that are prescribed for accomplished CrossFitters, and I need modifications for many things like push-ups because my RA damaged wrists don’t bend much anymore, but with the proper attention to form and modifications AND not letting myself get carried away, I am gaining strength at a nice rate and my joints are handling the increased work load. I’m actually really excited about my half marathon test race in March 18th to see what kind of improvements CrossFit has made to my running pace. Following workouts that make my shoulders sore, I can sure tell how much we depend on them to run!

       I’m not too worried about my 11 mile long run this weekend, at least not about the distance; the weather may be another story….


abcsofra said...

I am so glad that you got some time to spend with your daughter! And I am planning on checking out that cross fit program you mentioned. I don't run but would love to find something to build strength as weights are also an issue for me. Hope you make your goals :-)

Clare said...

have you tried doing push ups with your hands on weights (that don't roll) instead of the floor? they don't have to bend. i can do regular ones now, but my arms have to be farther in front of me than mot peoples' form not great, but i can do them!

WendyBird said...

Thanks Clare, yes, that is how I do push ups. The gym here has lots of weights that are octagonal shaped on the end and covered in plastic stuff that is grippy so they work really well. I've though to trying those handles for "Perfet Push-ups" but haven't had the nerve to throw down $25. Ever tried those?