Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Das ist against da rulz!

Last night, lying awake thanks to an overly large margarita, (WHEN WILL I LEARN,) I made a definite decision NOT to run today. I didn't feel good from all the sugar, I didn't get a wink of sleep, I ached all over and am at a low point with my medication [*], so I really had lots of good excuses.
As my morning got rolling I saw it was a gorgeous day, and of course the dog needed to get out, so I suited up and went for a 2 mile run. Funny how when you are out of the habit, you have to push yourself to run, when you are in the habit, you have to push yourself not to. Well, it was a mistake!
My body is like that annoying playground monitor from 3rd grade. She looked like she was a million years old compared to our 8 or 9, and had a heavy German accent, (an irony totally lost on 3rd graders.) As soon as we were really having fun we would hear, "Das ist against da rulz!" Just when we were hitting new distances jumping off the swings, doing daring new balancing acts on the jungle gym, or finding new and inventive ways to play with a tether ball, she would show up wagging her finger at us. WE thought the rules were silly, WE thought she was being overly cautious, but the day Buffy Ballou, (I swear I'm not making that up,) broke her arm jumping off the swings, we kind of paused and thought maybe the old krout knew what she was talking about.
My body has become that old krout. When I push the limits and start flirting with injury and over training, it wags its finger at me and says, "No, no, no! Das ist against da rulz!" Then there is my Garmin. It is the loud whistle that can get my attention through a focused attempt to ignore my body. Today it was shrieking at me after only a few minutes when my heart rate went over 95%. I was sure it was wrong and immideately took my pulse, but it was accurate, darn it! If my heart was fluttering away at that rate before even reaching ½ mile, I definitely had no business running 2. So I walked a little, then get bored and try running again. "BEEP BEEP BEEP Das ist against da rulz!" ARG!!!
So I walked most of the rest of the way, stopped to visit with a neighbor, and generally diddled along. Patience is not one of my strong points!!! I know I'll have a better run in few days, but not if I persist in ignoring the old krout.

[*] My current medication, Humira, consists of a shot every two weeks. So far it is working, but weakens as I approach the next dose.

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