Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Look for the sparkly moments

Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that's the stuff life is made of.
**Benjamin Franklin**

It is a strange thing to feel strength returning, to realize and effort that made you sick last week is only leaving you a bit tired this week. It wakes you up with the bright prospect that next week this effort will leave you invigorate and then you can raise the bar.

Everyone gets sick once in a while, colds, flu, etc. so everyone knows what if feels like to think you are over something and then go for a run or workout and suddenly realize you really aren't back up to full speed. Consequently, everyone knows what if feels like to finally have a good workout which signals a full return to health, but I believe most people take it for granted because they knew they would get over whatever bug had them down. For some of us, there are long periods of struggling with that middle ground, so that when it gives way and we move on to feeling healthy, or even almost healthy, it is cause for celebration. The euphoria of feeling good for longer stretches of the day endeavors to lift the last vestiges of the depression that comes with being caught in your own body's battle against itself, not knowing which side will win, or if the war will ever end.

Right now, good health is taking the high ground and I can't waste a moment of it. Yesterday I ran hard. It was a short run, but each miles was a full minute faster than it has been for months. Unfortunately, looking at my watch also let in the knowledge that I still have a minute and a half more to shave off to be back to where I was in December of '07, but I'm not letting that get to me. I'm focused on the fact that I ran hard and still had a full day of other accomplishments, however mundane. Working out hard didn't put me in bed, or send me fumbling for pain killers that numb the brain and mute all cognizance of life's sparkly moments. I was able to run, and finish my tasks for the day, and still stop to smell the roses. Truly, I would be less of a person if I let even one moment of feeling good slip by unnoticed.


Sarah said...

I am happy to hear that you had such a great run!

runrgrl2007 said...

Great run! I love hearing that. I especially love reading that you are not taking one moment for granted. May God grant you more good days!

Tanya said...

Great post, Wendy, and I love your opening quote. Every moment really is precious and not to be wasted. I'm glad you were able to experience that bright shining moment of good health and I know that you treasure it.

Clare said...

catching up on your blog...isn't the fast running so much BETTER when you don't get to do it all the time?? RA definitely made me more appreciative of the good days, which normally we'd take for granted. glad it felt good!