Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One more day

What a yucky day. I had to be at the body shop for an estimate for the damage done in last week's car accident, then we had Viola this afternoon, and I'm still not caught up on sleep since we got home late from Orchestra last night. However, I did mange to force myself onto the bike for about 40 minutes. I wanted to run today, but I woke up with a lot of pain in my hips and decided a non-weight bearing day was in order.

The new medication is beginning to work, but it didn't quite last 2 whole weeks so I'm really looking forward to giving myself my shot tomorrow. I got over giving myself shots a lot time ago when I was giving myself 3 a week, (2 Enbrel, 1 methotrexate,) and it is way easier than driving an hour each way to spend 4 hours in a cancer treatment center getting an I.V. infusion like I did for 5 months this year. I'm really hoping I feel good in the morning and can get in a run, but until I get the next shot I will probably need to be satisfied with easier workouts.

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