Monday, September 15, 2008

Some days are better than others

On the bike again today. I'm getting stronger, pedaling faster, keeping my heart rate up longer, all that is good.

Rest of the day sucked though. A bank teller tried to rip off my teenager. She deposited cash on Thursday and today the teller was saying she transposed numbers and my teen deposited $90 less than the statement, WHA?? Thank goodness for security tapes! I hope the bank teller gets major Karma whiplash for trying to rip off a kid! I'm pretty sure she will at least loose her job.
Then we got rear ended this evening. Not real bad, not major damage, but enough to make us late to orchestra and spoil the evening. The dude was looking at an accident and not the traffic in front of him, darn rubberneckers (wow, spell check says it is a real word!) So now I get to play with insurance tomorrow, fun.

Tomorrow I hit the pavement, even if I mostly walk I'm getting out there. The weather should be good, the dog needs the exercise, my running shoes are getting impatient...............

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