Monday, September 15, 2008

To Blog or Not to Blog

Originally posted yesterday on a different blog spot:

Okay, so I'm getting some pestering to start a blog. I figure no one could possibly be interested in my lame story. I mean really, who am I? A house wife with an incurable disease that thinks she is a runner, LOL.

Diseased runner, I guess that is the one I'm supposed to talk about, but then I would have to confess to the days that I skip my workout, feel too unmotivated to get off my duff, or just don't work towards my goal for no reason at all.

The disease if Rheumatoid Arthritis, go ahead, Google it if I haven't already told you more than you wanted to know :-) I can handle pain, a lot of pain, that is why I was able to take up running at 38. I started last year only able to run about 100 yards before wanting to puke. I worked,

then I worked harder,

and after 7 months I could run 7 miles!! I was over the moon!

Then the bad stuff hit. Major surgery, insurance changes, medication changes, instability, and finally canceling my scheduled half marathon. I had paid and everything. I was going to run, walk, or crawl the length of the Marine Corps Historic Half, but I never made it to the start line.
I ran last month after a steroid shot suppressed my RA for 3 glorious weeks and got back to 3 miles. Then I crashed again. Now I'm back to an hour on the stationary bike, thanks to more steroids, and hoping to have the energy to run this week.

So that is what this blog is about. Struggling, fighting, and hopefully winning. No, I don't expect to actually win a race, but my goal is to run a half marathon...13.1 miles.... If I can do that, I win, RA looses.


Anonymous said...

Step by step, reading your blog I know you will do Your half and I know this because your RA pain is a much greater pain than any half or full marathon racer will ever feel. When you get to the stating line of your race thats where you have won the battle, and a half or a full marathon matters not it's the drive that got you to the starting line, not the race itself, good training to you and I will follow this journey and your story to that white finish line. Thanks Pushback.

Just Me said...

Okay... I found your blog because I was googling around to find out if I was capable of doing the run barefeet thing (in my case, the Rheumatologist suggest that "run" might be better if I "just" walk fast). I was concerned about having RA and trying to do the barefeet thing in general. But reading your blog (I decided to start at the beginning after reading about Korea) I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.
I was diagnosed last November. I did my first half marathon this past February (I was already signed up when I was diagnosed) and I thought I would DIE by the time I crossed the finish line, but I finished.
Now... I'm thinking that I am going to take up the barefoot thing because I'm digging into how much better it is on your joints.
Thank you.
Thank you for being honest and brave enough to start writing.
Thank you for blazing the trail
Thank you for being where I needed you to be when I needed to read what you had to say.