Monday, September 22, 2008

Running tired

I don't know how people travel and compete running. We went for a short camping trip this weekend and I didn't sleep well at all. This is what I'm blaming my lousy run on. I think I ran over 2 miles, but I'm not really sure because I forgot to charge my Garmin and it died on me 1/2 mile into the run. Fortunately I had made note of my start time and based my run on that.

I love running in camp grounds. Everyone waves hello and I get to look at all the amazing motor homes and trailers. They are so high tech with all the pop out parts! This camp ground was on the small side though so each time I passed my husband, (who was fishing,) I'd ask him the time and groan because it had only been about 3 minutes since the last time I passed him. I did eventually run for over 30 minutes, but I was so tired it felt like an hour.

Eventually I settled down with my fishing pole and caught one tiny fish, who was less surprised than I was. I like to fly fish and when I went for the back cast, a fish came flying out of the water, LOL. I'm not sure if I hooked him or snagged him, but it was my best catch all weekend so I'm counting it!

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